Why Does My Computer Keep Restarting? How Do I Fix This Issue With My Computer?

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You must be wondering why does my computer keep restarting even though I have run the antivirus scan. Undoubtedly the random restarting problem in computers is very frustrating. This problem can occur due to the internal errors in Windows such as the registry errors and the external infections such as the viruses and spywares.

If one computer security software is not working then it is a clear sign that you take another approach to fix this problem. Here is given the tested strategy which has proved very helpful if you are struggling to find an answer to your question that why does my computer keep restarting all the time.

Fixing Registry Corruption

Wondering what is Windows Registry? The answer is simple. Registry is a component in the Windows based operating systems and it has a very important function to keep track of all the computer programs and processes. If there occurs corruption in Registry then your computer can get many troubles.

If you want to know why does my computer keep restarting and how could I fix registry errors to sort out this issue then you shall be ready to perform a thorough computer maintenance scan with some good registry repairing tool.

A best registry cleaner software has the potential to fix most internal computer errors such as computer restarting issue. Luckily it can be downloaded and put to work in just a few minutes. If you are able to surf internet for some time before your computer restarts then first of all download a registry fixing software available on internet. You can also try to run computer in safe mode to ensure that you do no miss this step.

A system cleaner tool embedded with the registry cleaner software can also help if your computer keeps restarting. The system cleaner allows you to delete Windows junk files in addition to getting rid of the corrupted registry entries.

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This approach has helped a lot of people in fixing this menace. The tested tool for this purpose which is often recommended by experts is the Intel Software Partner, RegInOut. Download it in a few seconds here and fix: Computer Restarting Problem.

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Why Does My Computer Keep Restarting? How Do I Fix This Issue With My Computer?

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Why Does My Computer Keep Restarting? How Do I Fix This Issue With My Computer?

This article was published on 2010/11/27