Types of Digital Illustration

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Digital illustration is the use of computers for making artwork. It should not be confused with the manipulation of art or images with different types of software. It is the creation of new art using computer software techniques.

One of the common methods of digital illustration is through the use of a graphics tablet. This is a tablet which is attached to a computer and has a pen. When an artist draws on the tablet, the resulting image is transferred to the computer in the form of a digital illustration. A graphics tablet is a type of input device which translates images drawn on a tablet into digital images so that they can be viewed and stored on a computer. The image can be enhanced and edited on the computer using different software.

Many artists also use the mouse for drawing images but it is difficult to use as it does not give very detailed or intricate results. It can be used for drawing simple figures and drawings but not for detailed illustrations. For detailed drawings, graphic tablets are the best option. They have pressure sensitivity which gives more flexibility to the artists for drawing.

There are basically two types of software which are used for digital illustrations. Vector based software draws shapes and lines based on mathematical principles. The drawings made by this software are scalable which means that can be enlarged easily without worrying about the quality of illustration. Another type of software is raster based software in which images are created from pixels. Pixels are small rectangles which form an image on a screen. In this method, the digital illustration is not scalable and changing its size can have an effect on the quality.

Digital illustration is very popular nowadays and is used in various areas. It is used for graphical designing, web design and software design. These illustrations are widely used for comic books, websites, T-shirts and posters. They are also important for making animations and editing pictures for magazines and newspapers. The most common software for digital illustration is Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.


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Types of Digital Illustration

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This article was published on 2010/10/28