The Many Uses of Remote Control Software

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You may have heard about remote access solutions and were wondering what they could do for you. After all, there has been much advancement in technology lately, and ensuring that any new software solution that you deploy is useful for you or your organization is essential to prevent wasted time and money. As it's name implies, remote control software allows you to control a computer remotely, that is without you having to be physically present to operate it. But what are the uses of PC Remote Access? Let's take a look:


Transferring files and accessing data remotely


This is one of the main uses of Remote Access tools. Say you have data that is on your PC at the office or at home, and you want to use it while you are away. Remote control software allows you to do just that. If the PC that you are connecting to remotely is also on a corporate network, you could access files that are stored on servers or other computers in your office, without you actually being there at the office. Of course, you could use it the other way around and transfer files from a remote computer to store them on your main computer. This feature can be useful both for large companies with several hundred workstations, and small time entrepreneurs who are running a business with just one computer and a laptop.




In recent times, telecommuting has gained a lot of popularity. This is due in large part to the proliferation of the internet and various online devices that allow for data to be exchanged instantly between two devices. Obviously, a remote access tool can do a lot to facilitate this. First off, it will let you access the files on your work PC or corporate network. You can also use the PC as if you were sitting at it. This means that you can run any applications that are installed on it.


Troubleshooting computer problems and making configuration changes


Another popular use of Remote Control Software is to remotely troubleshoot a system that is having problems. This is, of course, assuming that the PC can boot and run software normally and that the issue is not hardware related. For example, if a computer is infected with adware that is popping up ads every time a computer starts, you can access the PC and remove the malware remotely. Remote control software can also be used in order to modify the configuration of software or install new programs. All of this has many benefits. A technician no longer has to physically come to the PC in question in order to perform most maintenance tasks. Furthermore, it also decreases the risk of user error, and can make the troubleshooting go much faster than giving instructions over the phone. If you need more convincing, just imagine what a fun experience it would be to get a user who can barely figure out how a mouse works to make changes to the Windows registry.


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The Many Uses of Remote Control Software

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This article was published on 2011/01/27