The different uses of the freelance clone script

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There are many types of scripts in the business marketplace and freelance clone script is one of them. This script is an open source script having a PHP base. The clone script provides a platform so that the project owners can interact with freelancers. Through this interaction, the project owners post their project requirements as well as hire freelancers to get their work done within a fixed time and budget. The software allows interested freelancers to exhibit their skills across the cities or across the globe.

Script Giant freelance clone script is a PHP based open source script. This script on one hand empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to outsource jobs and on the other hand provides employment opportunity to many freelancers. By virtue of this software, there is interaction possible between businesspersons, business houses, and freelancer community. It is easy to install and quite hassle free. Businesses are running successfully using this software.

The working of the portal is explained in the following five simple steps.

  • Post your projects in seconds
  • Compare prices and choose bidders
  • Create payment for the project
  • Approve completed project
  • Release payment to the freelancers

The popularity of the software is increasing progressively by the day. Efforts are on to develop additional features in near future. In fact, the freelance clone is totally modelled on the freelance software with additional features incorporated in it. The incorporation of additional features in the clone makes it superior software containing all the original benefits of the freelance software.

It might appear that the posting of projects in freelance clone is the same as that of the freelance software yet there are certain features regarding posting that are made available to the clone software that are not present in the original freelance software. Likewise, there are additional features that are made available in the clone that helps in comparing prices, choosing bidders as well as creating payment for the project.

As the freelance clone Php script has a Php base, therefore it is open source software. And like all other open source software, the price of this software is less. It is true that the cost of software is less but at the same time the quality has not been compromised with and that is an important aspect of this software product. The software is available online. Interested users need to purchase it from the web and then download it to his or her personal computer and then run the script in the server. It is easy to use and can be customised as per requirements.

For beginners the entire process is illustrated by a complete flowchart diagram displaying in detail every aspect of Freelancer. If you are planning to set up an online platform to outsource your projects and get your job done through professionals then start planning today. You can grab hold the opportunity to create your marketplace community by purchasing this productive product and start profiting instantly.

Freelance Clone Php Script is affordable software as it is open source software. The software can be used without much technical expertise and the same allows creating online market place. Any cost depends mainly on the selection of features and functionality. Client requirements determine extra charges if any.

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The different uses of the freelance clone script

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This article was published on 2013/12/20