Protective Measures Of Computer Security

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Computers have been parts of people's life nowadays. With the development of the information technology, increasingly maintenance and managerial problems of computer gadgets appear, such as hardware error, software fault, virus prevention, and system upgrade. Furthermore, let alone these problems may undermine common work and life. So, what should people do to prevent their computers from being threaten?

Computer security refers to a kind of protection for date procession system and technical management, which stops software, hardware and widgets from being damaged, changed and exposed by accident. Following are some suggestions to protect computers.

First and foremost, antivirus software is indispensable to every computer. Now people have a misunderstanding that the virus should be killed after they are found at once. Actually, the correct way to treat it is prior to defense all the time. Current antivirus software plays a role of latter-wit and it works only when the virus has already spread. This negative pattern can not solve the problems thoroughly. So you should install the real time monitor, upgrade your antivirus software periodically, add patches to operating system and go up engine and virus definition. Due to the appearance of more and more new virus, different threat signatures have frequent updating. You should update your threat signatures to defense the newly virus' attack.

Secondly, your individual fire wall can not be replaced. If it is possible, install an individual fire wall to defense the attack of hackers. Fire wall is kind of method that separates the intranet from internet. In fact, it is an isolation technique, which allows people and date that you agree to enter your internet and stops that of your disagreement. It maximally blocks hackers and prevents them form altering, copying and destructing your important information. However, it does not mean you are safe when you install individual fire walls. In order to take its advantages to the utmost extend, you have to follow and maintain it.

Thirdly, set up different codes in different occasions. There are many places need codes on the internet, such as web bank, E-mail, chat room and members of some webs. It is wiser to use different codes in different place in orders to let out all the codes if you install the same codes. In addition, your codes should avoid meaningful English words, abbreviation of your name, your birthday, telephone numbers and so on. You had better adopt mixture number of characters and numbers and change them periodically.

Above are few suggestions. Besides, you should also back up some important files and dates regularly, not download some unknown software and programs and preserve your driver installment CD. Computer is a friend to you more than a tool. However, it is now threaten by dangers around all the time. And it is time for you to protect them.
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Protective Measures Of Computer Security

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This article was published on 2010/10/28