Order Entry Kiosks: Increasing the Efficiency of Service-Oriented Companies

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Big companies such as McDonalds, FedEx and DHL to name a few have been using order entry applications and this is the reason why KIOSKS have created a platform that will make order entry easy.  Check-in kiosks offer outstanding workflow so that self service ordering, in-store ordering is successfully carried out. Moreover, order entry kiosks also expand the inventory options for customers while also reducing the inventory carrying costs thus this is a positive solution for retailers  in need to reduce their expenditures and get their ROI at the soonest possible time. Here are the benefits of the order entry kiosks.

1.) There is a significant 35% reduction in queue time thus reducing the waiting and transaction time by a fourth compared to the traditional method of queuing in front of the counter.

2.) Self-ordering kiosks provide accuracy on the orders of the clients. Accuracy of orders is also verified through the use of barcode scanners and other technologies.

3.) There is a reduction in staff overhead thus the expenditures are lessened.

4.) The in-store order entry kiosks provide significant increase of its sale. In fact, a tiny kiosk is a good alternative than having 20 stalls or counters set up within the store.

5.) Increased customer support as the touch screen interface of the order entry kiosk provides a user-friendly approach. The touch screen interface omits any apprehension from clients about technology being too complicated and so this will increase the ordering capacity of clients from the kiosk. Moreover, the order entry kiosks also use pictures of products together with the necessary information which provides convenience to non-English speaking customers. This feature of order entry kiosks promotes the sales volume and number of transactions of your establishment.

There are big numbers of consumers who are favorable with the order entry kiosk. In fact, 71% of the consumer states their preference when it comes to self ordering based on the forecast released by NRA Restaurant Industry in 2007. Thus, if you want to improve your customer service, then investing in Order Entry Kiosk is the best technology to adapt for your business.

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Order Entry Kiosks: Increasing the Efficiency of Service-Oriented Companies

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Order Entry Kiosks: Increasing the Efficiency of Service-Oriented Companies

This article was published on 2011/02/25