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A quality logo is extremely important to a business.  Good logos catch a viewers eye and let them know what kind of business they are looking at.  The logo also sets the color and font themes of a business' website or presentation.  It is important to choose colors and fonts that embody the familiar aspects of a business.  A business providing pump tests should have blue color variations and a rounded font.

type toolTo begin in Photoshop create a new image by going to File/New.  The image should be at least one thousand pixels in width and four hundred pixels in height for starters (72 dpi is fine for now), and then when the logo has been completed a larger file can be constructed.  Once the new image is created start with the Horizontal Type Tool.  This is located in the main toolbar in the third section. Enable the Typography pallet by going to Window/Character in the top menu bar. Using the Character pallet it is easy to change different aspects of the type.  If the logo has multiple sections of type I recommend using multiple layers for each part. If the layers pallet is unavailable, go to Window/Layers.  Font choice is very important at this stage and it is important to choose fonts that look good together. More fonts can be downloaded for free from font websites such as http://www.dafont.com.

Font selection is easy, but making the typography look great is another game altogether.  Right click on the type layer and select Blending Options from the list.  Blending Options allow users to add shadows, borders, lighting effects, 3-D beveling and embodiment, patterns, and gradients to text or shapes.  Blending OptionsUsually a quick gradient and a drop shadow will do just fine, but for more specific businesses it can be important to utilize some of these more complex systems.

Once the font typography has been completed it is important to add a symbol to define what the business is all about.  In this case I could just add a water droplet from the Custom Shape Tool on the toolbar, and then to get continuity between the shape and the text I can just copy the blending options by right clicking on the original layer, selecting Copy Layer Style, selecting the new layer, and clicking on Paste Layer Style.


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Logo Design in Photoshop

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    Billy765- 2011/02/19 05:16:28 am

    I found a really nice handmade rounded font here called "FebigerBold" at inkfonts.com

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Logo Design in Photoshop

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