How Can Asset Tracking Software Keep Your Data Safe and Sound?

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A company, no matter how big or small, needs to have its own research and development department in order to grow and stay competitive. It is here where experiments are conducted, researches are made and studies are being done on how to improve a company’s product.  That is why it is crucial for a company to protect its investment and make sure that confidential documents and test samples are not stolen by anybody. One way of protecting confidential company properties is by attaching an asset tracking device. Although initial installation cost is expensive, you are assured that any reports, data and information will not be stolen, lost and easily replicated. Particularly, by using RFID technology based tags, any information sent will be tracked, secured and stored in a safe place.

First, the tag that is attached to the package is designed to withstand harsh and dangerous weather conditions. So even if the samples need to travel thousands of miles away, you are assured that it can still be tracked or that whatever data is stored in the tag will not be easily destroyed. In cases where packages are lost or sent to the wrong destinations, companies can easily trace and retrieve them by using the asset tracking device.

Second, tags that use RFID technology have read and write capabilities. This means information stored within the tag can be changed and updated. You will be able to monitor the development of a particular product easily thru the tags without divulging any confidential reports. Furthermore, RFID tags have larger storage capacity so researchers can put in additional data on the tag(s) of the samples.

Third, RFID tags are secured in such a way that information in them cannot be easily replicated. So when a parcel or package gets lost, it can be traced and retrieved easily before anyone can manage to copy the information stored inside the tag.

Lastly, though initial instalment of the entire system could be expensive, in the long run, it is cost efficient since it makes work faster for employees thus making them more productive. By looking at the tags, mailroom department could easily send it to the right department without the risk of losing or destroying the samples. For their part, R&D employees could efficiently monitor, track and analyse the samples with the help of the information stored in the tags.

Though expensive, the benefits of using RFID technology could make it a useful and worthy investment for the company.

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How Can Asset Tracking Software Keep Your Data Safe and Sound?

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How Can Asset Tracking Software Keep Your Data Safe and Sound?

This article was published on 2014/03/03