Everest, diagnostics easier for PC

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Small (from 3Mb to 6Mb depending on the version), simple and intuitive, Everest is a diagnostic software house Lavalys. The latest release for free (home edition) was issued in late 2007, after the software company has moved up market choices differ not supporting more than this free version.

This freeware version, although a bit 'dated it is still a great product, except that unfortunately are not available as official updates. The paid version (arrived at version 5.0), if you do not want to give up the need for regular updates, it's still just under $ 35, and the euro exchange rate helps to make a product is not expensive.


The free version is excellent and certainly an ideal option if you do not have a PC of last generation, unfortunately for the new PC, the hardware will not be recognized and acknowledged by all software Lavalys. Everest is a diagnostic utility widely used by engineers involved in repair, replacement and assembly hardware, is an excellent tool to obtain detailed information on the internal components without opening the PC tower in addition to data on software installed.

It has provided an internal database (updated, now shareware version only) containing information useful for automatic recognition of motherboards, processors, chipsets, video cards, hard drives, etc., in addition to this, the software has tools diagnostic test for efficiency and speed of this hardware.

To the uninitiated these instruments known as benchmarks, are applications specifically designed to test the performance of a PC, each designed specifically for the type of component to be analyzed, so there will be appropriate for the computation time and speed of a processor, other calculations that will assess graphical in nature (efficiency video card) and so on.

Everest also gives the user the ability to view, save (in various formats) and when printing a full report of the analysis hardware and software. The interface is also available in Italian (and multilingual, easy to modify the settings of the program), is easy to use, left the main items of the menu tree (also repeated entries into the center and splash screen with a lot of icons), allowing easy navigation between the internal hardware, software installed, available benchmarks, multimedia present, external devices, operating system information and much more.

Another nice option, the display in the lower right taskbar of the operating system, some parameters such as temperature of the processor, hard disk and motherboard, CPU voltage, etc.. In conclusion, a program of exquisite workmanship, dare I say easy to use, light and functional, tested personally, I highly recommend it to everyone.


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Everest, diagnostics easier for PC

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Everest, diagnostics easier for PC

This article was published on 2010/12/02