CRM - What is it?

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The main aim of every business is to service its clients. Since the world exists and since trade appeared, the success or failure of the market has always been dependent on this simple rule. Customer Relationship Management or Software for managing relationships with clients is one good way of using modern technologies to achieve this aim.

Those who are interested in services hear often about the deployment of CRM solutions in a number of companies, banks, insurance companies, etc. But what lies behind this name?

There are many software products that offer tools for managing customer relationships, but CRM is not just a piece of code, it is rather an overall business strategy. It often includes several different software products, and inter-company practices for collecting and describing of any kind of information about the relationships with customers. The ultimate goal of the exercise is to improve service and to achieve more sales.

CRM system is everywhere in the organization, in every department, and each employee, either directly or indirectly. Each in some way communicates with customers or obtains and exchanges information about them, and CRM system takes care that the whole flow of information is organized and saved in a database that is available for access again to all of the organization.

Imagine an operator answering the calls of the customers. When accepting a call the CRM software recognizes the mobile number from which the customer calls and displays a small window with important information: user's ID, full name, company name, etc. The operator already "knows" the client, although before him/her, another colleague had spoken to him/her. With a few mouse clicks, the operator can get the whole picture by drawing information from databases of the different departments: e.g. history of purchases from the commercial department, history of the problems from the database of the technical department, etc.

CRM decisions on the market are not simple. Very often in a company a CRM system works based on several software that are united in a common interface and somehow work as a whole. This, however, does not make things easy for the first installation. The big companies use the experience of system integrators to do it for them, but of course for great prices. For small business, this still looks expensive and unachievable. I cannot agree with this for the simple reason that for the needs of the small trader the role of CRM would play a simple Excel table that is completed thorough. Not so expensive would be to make web-based software working with php and mysql database, which has the specific needs. The important thing here is to understand the role of this software, i.e. the great help that it gives in the subsequent contacts with clients.


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CRM - What is it?

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This article was published on 2010/12/21