Common Attributes Of Help Desk Software

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Help desk software is used by help desks to aid customers and employees who have computer problems, whether these issues are hardware- or software-based. This software is set up to assist help desk employees in issue resolution. It has several features that aid administrators and technicians in both issue resolution and issue management. Some of the features are discussed below.

Typically, help desk software will contain an issue tracking system, which allows for customer support desk employees to log assistance requests with a unique identifier number. An item known as a "ticket" is then built around this number. This ticket contains all of the information necessary to solve the problem. This information will typically include all of the interventions that have been attempted by the end-user and other parties. This information is used for both reference and problem-solving purposes. This software will allow the technician to assign an urgency value to the ticket, giving the support staff an indication of the level of importance they should place on the matter. This is done to separate minor problems from major problems, so that the most pressing issues are resolved first.

Customer support software often features a knowledge base of information for users to find answers to questions that they may have. This is often a self-service database that can be easily searched by both users and administrators to find the answers to questions that commonly occur. Many of these types of software also have other search capabilities that allow administrators to search their clients and tickets to find or perform the appropriate updates.

Typically, help desk administrators will use helpdesk software to generate reports that identify the most common issues faced by their customers. These will help the administrators determine how to improve their systems, especially if a large number of customers have the same issue. These reports also measure technician response and performance.

Other IT helpdesk software packages may feature web calendar integration tools that can help administrators and technicians to keep track of the due dates of their assigned tickets. Also common are e-mail alerts to help keep the technicians up-to-date on incomplete or unassigned tickets.

All of these features are useful in keeping track of the computer problems that clients and customers experience, as well as how the situations are resolved. Using this data may help determine how to prevent them in the future. As the use of help desk software programs grows, new features are added to the products.
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Common Attributes Of Help Desk Software

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This article was published on 2011/01/28